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XM Local Bank Transfer Withdrawal

XM Local Bank Transfer

by Xchanger.pk

In this post, we will discuss XM local bank transfer withdrawal. Our back-office processes your withdrawal request within 24 hours. Payments made by e-wallet will be received the same day, while payments made by bank transfer or credit/debit card will take 2 – 5 working days.

Step1: On the My Account tab, click the “Withdrawal” button

After login into your My XM Group account, go to the menu and choose “Withdrawal.”

Step 2: Decide on your withdrawal alternatives

Up to the deposit amount, credit/debit cards may be used to withdraw funds.

You may withdraw the remaining money using any method once you’ve withdrawn up to the amount you deposited.

xm local bank transfer withdrawalConsider the Following Scenario:

However, You put VND 100,000 on your credit card and made VND 100,000 in profit after trading. If you wish to withdraw money, you must first withdraw 100,000 VND or the amount deposited by credit card, then withdraw the remaining 100,000 VND using other means.

Step3: Submit the request after entering the amount you want to withdraw

Enter the amount you’d like to take out. When inputting the amount, keep in mind that you should not include the word “comma.” Only a number

To agree to the desired withdrawal mechanism, click “Yes,” then “Request.”

As a result, the withdrawal request has been filed.

Your trading account will be debited automatically for the amount of the withdrawal. XM Group will handle withdrawal requests within 24 hours (except Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays)

Because refunds are handled by card companies, even if XM Group processed the withdrawal request within 24 hours, it might take a few weeks to a month for the procedure to be completed. As a result, it is advised that you remove the monies as soon as possible.


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