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Payeer Exchanger in Pakistan

Payeer Exchanger in Pakistan

by Abdul
Payeer Exchanger in Pakistan

Payeer Exchanger in Pakistan

Online money transfer service Payeer was founded in 2012, and it is currently the most regularly used money transfer service as well as a payment gateway. Payeer allows you to send and receive money through your e-wallet account.  It’s a popular and easy method of sending money online, allowing users to do it to others all across the world. Online retailers throughout the world can accept Payeer as a form of payment for goods and services purchased, sold, and exchanged using cryptocurrency. xchanger.pk will solve your problem about Payeer Exchanger in Pakistan.

Payeer Transaction Fees:

In order to do a specific action in the Payeer online wallet, a charge must be paid in advance. It’s completely free to transfer money to another user’s account, but it costs 0.95 percent to accept funds from some other payment processor. To convert currencies, such as from Euros to US Dollars, the price is 2 percent.  Payeer dollars and crypto coins like bitcoin can bought and sold quickly and easily on xchanger.pk.

In Payeer, you’ll also have an option to pay for Text verification, which costs $ 0.01. Deposit via bank transfers are also subject to fees. Deposits are charged 0-3 percent, and withdrawals are charged 3-5 percent. Payment via credit card incurs a 3% fee, while the transaction is completed using the chosen payment option involves a 3-5 % fee. Payeer does not charge you to maintain an account.

Payeer Exchanger In Pakistan:

Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies coins that xchanger.pk gives the opportunity to exchange. Visit the website, fill out the registration form, and then sit and wait for an email from the service provider to verify your account. A user of xchanger.pk can swap any digital money once they’ve met the conditions.

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