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How to Sell E Currency in Pakistan

How to Sell E Currency in Pakistan

by Abdul
How to Sell E Currency in Pakistan

How to Sell E Currency in Pakistan

The world of e currency has been growing fast in Pakistan. People are making huge profits from it, and you can too! If you want to sell e currency in Pakistan but don’t know-how, you’ve come to the right place! This article will teach you everything about how to sell e currency in Pakistan and how to get started with it in just 5 steps!

How to sign up on xchanger.pk

Welcome to the xchanger.pk which is the best E Currency Exchanger in Pakistan

  • For Sign up on xchanger.pk go to the xchanger.pk website and click on the register button that is located on the right top corner of the screen
  • When you click on the Register button this register button will move you to the Sign-Up page
  • In Sign up page, you have to provide some personal information
  • First, you have to provide your first name then the last name
  • In the next step, you have yours provide your valid email address
  • After providing your email address you have to create your password for the account on xchanger.pk
  • When you create your password on xchanger.pk then you must have to confirm it
  • After creating and confirming your pass on xchanger.pk for Sign up
  • You have to provide your valid mobile phone number to enter your mobile phone number first you have to choose your country code, after choosing your country from the list view you will provide your mobile phone number without the zero (e.g. for Pakistan +923* * * * * * * * *)
  • After providing your valid phone number fill the security code (captcha) with the given words. This security code proves that you are not a reboot.
  • And remain to check the checkboxes for agreeing with the terms and conditions of xchanger.pk
  • After all, this process clicks on the Sign Up Now button this button will take you to the verification page where you simply verify your email by clicking on the Button Verify Email that is located on the right bottom on the screen.

Now to sell your currency follow the below steps:

Select currency in the sender box which you want to sell and select the currency which you want to receive. After that send the amount on the official account of the xchanger.pk and then select your receiver account xchanger.pk will send the amount to your account

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