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How to Purchase E Currency in Pakistan

How to Purchase E Currency in Pakistan

by Abdul
How to Purchase E Currency in Pakistan

How to Purchase E Currency in Pakistan

If you’re looking to purchase e currency in Pakistan, you’ve come to the right place! xchanger.pk specializes in providing fast, secure, and transparent currency exchange services around the world at the most competitive rates available. We operate from an extensive network of branches, strategically located in major commercial centers throughout the world to facilitate client transactions, while our global presence ensures that we can satisfy any customer anywhere in the world.

How to Purchase E Currency in Pakistan:

Here is a complete guide that how you can make an account and can purchase e currency in Pakistan Do you want to Exchange your currency then go to the xchanger.pk website which is the best E currency exchanger in Pakistan?

  • To sign up on xchanger.pk go to the xchanger.pk website and click on the register button that is shown in the right top corner of the screen
  • This button takes you to the signup page, on the signup page you will have to provide some information to register yourself on xchanger.pk
  • First, you will enter your first name and then the last name
  • After entering your first and last name you will enter your valid email address
  • After providing the email address you have to create your password for sign up on xchanger.pk and after creating your password you must have to confirm your password
  • After this process, you will select your country code from the list view and then provide your valid mobile phone number for example for Pakistan (country code is +923* * * * *).
  • After this process fill in the security code that will prove you are not a reboot.
  • And remain to check the checkboxes for getting news from xchanger.pk and agree with the terms and conditions of xchanger.pk.
  • After all this process click on the Sign up now button
  • When you click on the Sign up Now button the next page will be appearing which verification page is where you have to verify your email address
  • To verify your email address simply click on verify Email button that is located on the right bottom of the screen.
  • When you click on the verify email button your email will be verified and the main page will be shown.

After successful signup on xchanger.pk you will see two boxes on the dashboard.

In send box select the currency which you have in your wallet and in the receiver box select your wallet in which you want to receive money.

After that send the amount to the official account of xchanger.pk. After the verification of your payment xchanger.pk will send your payment in your wallet in just minutes.

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