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How to Deposit E Currency in Pakistan

How to Deposit E Currency in Pakistan

by Abdul
How to Deposit E Currency in Pakistan

How to Deposit E Currency in Pakistan

The Pakistani government recently placed e currency restrictions on Pakistani banks and financial institutions, so you might be wondering how to deposit e currency in Pakistan. First, make sure you’re dealing with a reputable e currency exchange that can handle the transaction legally and securely (and not one of the scam sites). There are many sites on the internet and exchangers in the market but most of them are fake and scammers here is the best currency exchanger in the market which is xchanger.pk.

How to Deposit E Currency in Pakistan:

Here is a simple guide that how you can easily make an account on the xchanger.pk and deposit the amount into it

  • For exchange, your e currency goes to the xchanger.pk which is the best e currency website in Pakistan.
  • For use xchanger.pk you have to sign up on this web first.
  • For sign up on xchanger.pk first go to this website and click on the Register button
  • This button moves you to the next page which is the Sign-up page
  • On sign up page you have to provide some information for register yourself on xchanger.pk
  • In the first step, you have to enter your first name then you will enter your second name
  • In the second step you will provide your valid email address for sign up on xchanger.pk
  • In the next step you will create your own password for sign up on xchanger.pk
  • After creating your password on xchanger.pk you must have to confirm your password
  • After this process, you have to choose your country from the list view (country code for example country code for Pakistan is (+92) +923 * * * * * * *)
  • After that process, you will fill out the security code this code is also given under this option
  • Remain to check the checkboxes.
  • And after all this process click on the “Sign Up Now” button
  • This button takes you to the verification page where you verify your email simply by clicking on the “Verify Email” button that is located on the right bottom of the screen after clicking your email will be verified and you will move to the main page of xchanger.pk.
  • After that, you will see two boxes one is the sender and another receiver.
  • Select your wallet in which you have money and then select your wallet in which you want to receive money
  • Then Click on the exchange then send the amount to the account of xchanger.pk
  • That’s it after some minutes xchanger.pk will send your amount into your wallet

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