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E Currency Accounts in Pakistan

E Currency Accounts in Pakistan

by Abdul
E Currency Accounts in Pakistan

E Currency Accounts in Pakistan

If you want to exchange in e currency or want to send or receive e currency in Pakistan then you have to use any exchange service which will help you to exchange your currency. For this purpose, you have to open an account. You can open it in any bank of pakistan but it may be complicated for any new users especially students. So you can use any exchanger service over the internet like xchanger.pk.

xchanger.pk is the best site to exchange your currency in Pakistan in simple steps and low cost. So here is a guide that how you can use it , and how you can make an account on it.

  • To Sign Up on xchanger.pk, go to xchanger.pk and then select the Register button on the right top of the screen. • This Register button will lead you to the xchanger.pk Sign Up page, where you must provide the essential information.
  • After entering your first and last names, you must provide your valid email address.
  • When you enter your valid email address, you must establish a password in order to sign in to xchanger.pk again. After you make your password, you must confirm it.
  • After that, select your country code (Country from the drop-down menu) and enter your mobile phone number.

Then provide the Security Code that is given under this option, which will change every time this page is refreshed

  • Finally, check the checkboxes for receiving news and agreeing to the terms and conditions with xchanger.pk
  • And finally, click on the “Sign up Now” button. The “Sign Up Now” button will take you to the “Verify Account” page, where you must verify your given email address by clicking on the “Verify Email button” that is shown on the right.

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